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The Small Business Problems

  • Very few robust, fully integrated technologies for an affordable price.
  • Reporting & Analytics, in other systems, lacks customization
    and utilization necessary for end users.
  • Major compliance issues at the state and local government levels,
    causing many violations and fines.
  • Inconsistent Production due to lack of data in the supply chain.
  • Lack of proper eCommerce sites.
  • Lack of simplified online payment options in markets and high rate CC transaction fees.
  • Lack of social platforms which allow privacy and security while driving sales.
  • Lack of bankable advertising options through
    online media

Solutions We Provide

Solutions to Your Problems

Robust & Affordable Technology

Emisha provides a robust platform that can work in your browser or a variety of other Operating Systems at a reasonable cost.

Ease of Use & Access

Emisha has been designed and tested from the ground up to allow ease of use and access to any user. This allows you to spend more time working on your tradecraft.

Supply Chain Management & Effeciency

Emisha’s Advanced Artificial Intelligence and platform can help you keep track of supply and demand helping your small business achieve big business like productivity.

Compliance & Monitoring

Emisha enables you to manage and run your business remotely and stay in compliance with any laws and regulations within your particular industry.

Emisha Industries







Real Estate 




Current Services

Emisha Retail

Retail, E-Commerce

Emisha Retail is an innovative Retail platform for use in everything from Restaurants & Bars to Toy Stores. Our Custom Point Of Sale and Inventory management work seamlessly to bring your products to the customer.


Emisha Wholesale

Wholesale, Inventory Management

Emisha Wholesale allows wholesale and distribution companies to track and control every aspect of their business and to improve their productivity. 


What We Offer 

Main Projects & Future Technologies being Developed.

Artificial Intelligence

Using Machine Learning & AI Emisha can prioritize information and assist with running your business and keeing you ahead of the curve.

Augmented, Mixed & VIrtual Reality

Currently in Development, the use of new methods of visualization will enable customers and businesses to promote and educate users on your products and business.

Drone Innovation

Emisha will leverage Drone technology to assisst you in all facets of your business, from mapping, security and imagery to delivery and advertising.

Crypto Currency & Block chain

Emisha will leverage Crypto Currency and Block Chain technologies to bring your business into the 21st century, allowing you to accept a multitude of payment types and securing your transactions.

Surveillance & Compliance

Emisha will not only ensure you are compliant with state and city rules and regulations, but it will also help keep your business safe and protected.

Agriculture & Forestry Technology

Emisha will help you bring the art of farming and agriculture to the 21st century, helping you monitore your land and make it more effecient.

Distribution & Logistics

Emisha will help your business operate on the cutting edge of distribution and logisitics allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Human Resource Management

Emisha allows you to easily mantain and manage your employees and other employee related activities with ease.

Customer Resource Management

Emisha will allow you to manage and care for your customers in a professional and effecient way. You will be able to offer top tier customer services without breaking a sweat or the bank.