Emisha Pay

Take payments without breaking the bank​, customers never have to leave your site, and instore or at the Sunday pop-up market. you cant miss!

Emisha security protocols, keeping your customers data safe.Increase average transaction by 30% from cash only transactions.

Scaleability and flexability with your buisness growth. With Emisha Pay, you can easily manage your payments and accept transactions seamlessly. Our secure payment system ensures that your customers’ data is protected at all times. Get started now!

Crypto That Benefits You!

Pay has processed over a million dollars in transactions in 2 years of testing. We have proven its success and are eager to scale to eclipse Mastercard, Visa, and Amex..

By going directly to retailers’ users of EC will be able to make payments with multiple retailers and pay other users, eliminating high transaction fees.

Quick & Seamless

E-Pay provides all the tools you need to accept payments online and in-person from customers around the world. Plus, our platform maximizes conversion and reduces fraud using machine learning.

Manage On The Go

E-Pay provide a seamless customer experience across channels, like reserving online and picking up in store, at a pop-up shop, or flea market Emisha has your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get some answers.

What if I already have a pos?

If you already have tools to manage customers, quotes, inventory, shipping, or accounting, you can use our prebuilt intergrations to connect E-pay 

How does E-pay combat fraud?

E-Pay evaluates every transaction for risk with artificial intellenge learning models trained on hundreds of billions of data points. On average, businesses reduce fraud by 32%.

Will E-pay work on my current website?

E-pay provides an optimized checkout experience for your customers. It reduces friction, supports relevant global payment methods, and adapts to your customer’s language and device. best of all, they never have to leave your website to make complete their transaction

Does E-Pay Work with all Cards?

Yes E-Pay works with all cards and even supports tap to pay and other cellular technologies.

Bank account not required.

Banking for your business

With E-Pay, your retail business gets the perfect solution to manage finances and streamline operations. Our trusted tools empower merchants of all sizes to effortlessly handle funds, pay bills, and track expenses, ensuring easier access to financial products offering greater control over finances. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with banking services that aren’t designed for independent business owners. Choose E-Pay, the leading global commerce company that caters to your unique needs. Get started now and revolutionize your business with innovative technology from Emisha.



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